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Insights from Big Data: Interaction, Design, and Innovation

Giovedì 16 Aprile alle ore 12:00 presso il laboratorio multimediale (Lab. P0.1 – [MO 25])  si svolgerà un seminario del Dr. Alejandro Jaimes, Research Director of the Multimedia and Vision Group in Yahoo! (Barcelona, Spagna). 
Il Seminario è parte del corso di Visione Artificiale di Ingegneria Informatica e parte del 25° di Ingegneria di Modena.

Dettagli Seminario:
“Insights from Big Data: Interaction, Design, and Innovation”
In recent years, our ability to process large amounts of data has increased significantly, creating many opportunities for innovation. Having large quantities of data, however, does not necessarily turn into actionable insights that make a difference for users in consumer applications. In this talk I will give a quick overview of some ways in which “big data” can be used in industry, with a particular focus on Human-Centered approaches to innovation. In particular, I will discuss how the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods can be of benefit, giving examples around social media and giving an overview of some of the areas of research
I am currently focusing on at Yahoo!. Within this context, I will outline a blueprint for a framework as it applies to innovation, and discuss specific technical approaches within that framework. I will argue on the importance of taking a human-centered view and highlight what I consider the most fundamental problems in “big data” from that perspective.

Dr. Jaimes is a scientist and innovator with 15+ years of international experience in research and demonstrated product impact.  As Director of Research at Yahoo!, he focuses on analysis of web-scale data, design, and applications, gaining insights into human behavior, and turning the knowledge gained into actions to contribute to products used by millions of people (Yahoo! News, Flickr, image and video search, etc.). At Yahoo! he is in charge of strategy on large-scale video analysis and social media, leading the Social Media Engagement (SOMER) and Learning for Multimedia and Vision (LMV) groups in Barcelona and Bangalore.  Dr. Jaimes holds a Ph.D from Columbia University and has held positions at KAIST, Telefonica, IDIAP-EPFL, Fuji Xerox, IBM, Siemens, and AT&T Bell Labs. His work has been widely published and he is a frequent speaker at international conferences worldwide.

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